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Grab Opportunities by the Balls

I met Seth Godin the other day. I have this #SethSelfie to prove it.

For those who aren’t on a first name or BFF basis with Seth like I am (I wish), Seth is a prolific writer and revered thought leader and entrepreneur […]

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How To Really Connect With Influential People

Connection is EVERYTHING.

How did you get your last job? Did you submit your resume blindly to a job posting, or did you get a referral from your friend that already worked for the company? How about your circle of friends? Did you randomly […]

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I’m on a Podcast!: Mo’ Money Mo’ Progress

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I’m on a Podcast!

And it’s available for free download on iTunes!

I had the most wonderful opportunity to talk to Gwen Elliot of the Mo’ Money Mo’ Progress Sisterpack! We chatted about all things money including indulgences, what money really means to me […]

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