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How To Feel Thankful For Your Thankless Job


“Just give me some God damned chocolates!”, I thought to myself.

No, I wasn’t PMS’ing.

Every holiday season when I was in corporate, my team and I would be forgotten by clients and management. We busted our assess all year long for […]

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Don’t Bother Selling to People That Aren’t Buying

Don’t bother selling to people that aren’t buying.

This is something I realized awhile back when I received my first real dose of hater behavior. The person that was shoving her negativity down my throat would never be a client, and I […]

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Grab Opportunities by the Balls

I met Seth Godin the other day. I have this #SethSelfie to prove it.

For those who aren’t on a first name or BFF basis with Seth like I am (I wish), Seth is a prolific writer and revered thought leader and entrepreneur […]

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Failure Doesn’t Lead To Success

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I failed my driving test twice.

During one of the tests, I hit a curb and nearly made the examiner shit his pants and he was a total dick about it too.

I was determined to pass on the third try. I mean, this was getting […]

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