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How to Job Search During COVID-19: 10 Tips

Companies are still hiring.

It may be hard to believe but jobs are still being posted, job seekers are still being interviewed, and employers are still making offers. But that doesn’t mean job searching during COVID-19 is easy. In fact, during this uncertain time […]

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Stop Worrying About These 3 Career Flaws in 2017

No career is perfect.

I repeat. No. Career. Is. Perfect.

Anyone who says that their career has gone exactly as they planned it with their college guidance counselor 20 years ago is lying to you. Through their teeth.

My favorite quote of the moment […]

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5 Ways to Warm Up for a Sizzling September Job Search

Job searching in the summer tends to suck.

Managers take vacations, which leads to drawn out or all out stoppages in decision making about new hires.

Budgets can be run dry by this time, which means that some companies don’t have the funds […]

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