Resume ROAST

A no-nonsense resume review that will help you take your resume

from meh to yay!

When Your Resume Is Driving You Crazy!


You’ve been updating your resume on repeat but not getting any interviews

Is it the format? What you’ve written? 

Are you quantifying your accomplishments properly?

You have no idea if you’re doing this resume thing right

And the details are overwhelming!

All you want is to do work you love

And your resume isn’t helping you get there

I so get you, and I can help.

A resume Roast Will Help You…

…showcase your qualifications for your target job

…spotlight what you’re uniquely great at

…speak the language of your target employers

…solidify your own personal brand

…sell your value confidently, in a convincing and compelling way

What You Won’t Get

Old-school resume tips: I teach resume techniques for the 21st century

A resume template: Resume templates don’t get interviews. Being qualified and writing your resume in a compelling way, does. That’s what I help you do.

A rewritten resume: I’ll review your existing resume and give you actionable recommendations so that you can build career-long resume writing skills 


The Resume Roast is a head-to-toe review of the resume you’ve written for your TARGET job

I’ll be evaluating everything from structure to skills and accomplishment statements

I’ll fix formatting issues and typos that I might come across

And call out opportunities for quantifiable accomplishments, and show you how to make the math make sense

I’ll also provide recommendations and prompts to help you make powerful changes to overall messaging

I’ll mark up your resume just like a good teacher does so you know exactly where and how to make updates

I’ll send your resume back to you with notes and mark ups

Here’s the best part: I’ll record and narrate my review and send you the video so you can reference it forever!

All that. Yes, I’m serious

You’ve got q’s? I’ve got A’s

How quickly can you get my resume roast done?

My current turnaround time is 5 business days after both payment has been submitted and you have emailed me your resume.

What resume file format do you accept?

I accept resumes in Microsoft Word (.docx) only. This allows me to add notes directly in your resume.

What file format will you send back?

I will send your resume back in Microsoft Word (.docx) and PDF so you can refer to the notes for all eternity.

You said I’ll get a video too?! Amazing! How will you send that to me?

I record reviews using Zoom and will send you your recording directly from the Zoom cloud because I’m fancy like that.

Can I join you on the Zoom call?

In order to maximize the amount of feedback I can provide you, I fly solo for resume reviews. It helps me work without any distractions or needing to watch the clock to dismiss you from class on time.

What if I need more help after the review?

That’s where my coaching services come in. You can check them out here. 

Can we talk or email about the resume review feedback?

Once your review is sent to you, our project is complete. But you’re always free to add on coaching sessions (check them out here). 

I haven’t identified my target job yet, is that OK?

I won’t take your money until you have a target job, and a resume written towards that target. Check out this video for why it’s so vital to have identified your target job before starting a job search. 

I’m sold! How do we get started?

Click on “ROAST ME!” below, and send me a message. I’ll reply with a few questions and ask to take a peek at your resume to make sure this is the right service for you. If it is, then I’ll send you the payment link (credit cards accepted) and we’ll be ready to rock!