Resume Kickassery

When Your Resume Is Driving You Crazy!

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Your resume isn't getting you interviews and you don't know WHY!

1 page? 2 pages? Cover Letter? No Cover Letter?
How do you know?!

What font? Margin size? Bullets?? Paragraphs???
The details are overwhelming!

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All you want is to do work you love

And your resume isn't helping you get there

I so get you, and I can help.

You'll get a Kick-Ass Resume + Cover Letter that...

...tell your UNIQUE career story potential employers what you're GREAT at

...are written to target the work you WANT can feel CONFIDENT about

...really capture your personal BRAND!

What You Won't Get

Yo Mama's Resume: What I write you is made for the 21st century
An Endless List of Bullets: There are better ways to talk about what you've done

What You're Getting Yourself Into

You and me, for a 1-hour "Career Story" Call
Over phone, Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts

We'll hash out your specific goals for your resume and what jobs you'd like to target

I’ll totally re-write your resume + cover letter

We'll have 2 rounds of edits to make sure we're telling your story the right way

A Second Set of Eyeballs Check by my Proofreader

A Now What?! 30-Minute Job Search Strategy Call

Unlimited email support for 45 days post-project

All that. Yes, I’m serious

So are you ready?  Next steps.....