LinkedIn Recommendation Request – How to Request a LinkedIn Recommendation

There’s one spot on your LinkedIn profile that I consider to be an absolute goldmine for your job search.

And the thing is, most people aren’t using this section to their advantage.

By the end of this video you’re going to learn how to mine this gold to stand out in your job search, and basically get other people to brag about you, and sing your praises.

We’re talking LinkedIn recommendations!

LinkedIn recommendations are LinkedIn GOLD! They are social proof that you rock.

Maybe you’re wondering what are Linkedin recommendations?

If you visit my LinkedIn profile and scroll all the way to the bottom, you can see my LinkedIn recommendations.

I have quite a few from my fantastic clients. Why do I have them? I ask for them. These are several wonderful people who are attesting to my work, my services, my results, and all sorts of other things.

This allows people who come to my profile to see that others proclaim I’m good at what I do, I’m not just self-proclaiming it. And that’s why LinkedIn recommendations are so important and worth the time to request.

So how do Linkedin recommendations work?

So as I mentioned before, LinkedIn recommendations are social proof that you are great at the work you do.

It’s other people publicly stating great things about you. 

Bragging that you don’t have to do yourself? What could be better than that?

As a job seeker, recommendations from anyone who you’ve worked with, and enjoyed working with, can be valuable.

This includes former or current bosses, colleagues and peers, direct reports, clients, vendors, partners – anyone! 

Every different person can attest to a different area of your strengths so not matter the recommendation source, so long as a professional connection – the recommendation is valuable.

When should you ask for LinkedIn recommendations?

There’s no rule around when you should ask for recommendations necessarily, but what I believe is you should make a habit of asking for and giving recommendations on LinkedIn, on a regular basis.

And definitely don’t wait until you’ve left a job to ask for these. 

Some examples of good timing to request a recommendation might be:

1. You just completed a successful project. So ask your colleagues and client for a recommendation talking about your contributions.

2. You’re gunning for a leadership position; ask anyone who you’ve mentored or led informally to write a recommendation for you attesting to your leadership strengths.

3. You know you’re going to start a job search soon. Ask coworkers you trust, as well as cross-functional collaborators, for recommendations.

How to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn?

Asking for a recommendation can feel awkward. 

I get it, I’ve been there.

If you’re ever in that position, where you feel like you’re burdening someone by asking for a recommendation, write one for them first.

The law of reciprocity will really support your request.

Now for the steps of requesting a LinkedIn recommendation, make sure to watch the videos as I walk you through the process.

When requesting these recommendations, you need to do a few things:

  1. Remind the person of when you worked together. Some people have bad memories. Jog their memory for them

2. Tell them why you’d appreciate their recommendation.

3. Give them some guidance on what you’d like them to emphasize if they don’t mind.

4. Close with gratitude.

So how would this look? Here’s a LinkedIn recommendation request I sent my husband:

Hi Paul,

I really enjoyed working with you on last year’s home renovation projects.

I’m aspiring to move into a leadership role, and I was wondering if you might be willing to write me a quick recommendation here on LinkedIn that speaks to my leadership and project management strengths?

I really appreciate it!

Many thanks!


PS. Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes (lol)

If you’re asking someone to take the time to write you a recommendation, you better be taking the time to write them a customized request.

So after this, you sit back and wait. You can also follow up after a couple weeks.

You recommendation request becomes an InMail message where you both can continue the conversation. 

When the recommendation arrives, you’ll be sent a link to it, and then you’ll want to click “Add to profile” to make sure it shows up. 

And finally, make sure that recommendations show up on your Public Profile by going to
“Edit Public Profile & URL” and scrolling down to make sure that “Recommendations” is toggled on. 

And that is it my friends! Social proof that you are awesome.

Kamara Toffolo

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