LinkedIn Badassery

You know you should be on LinkedIn but you just. Don't. Get. It

People tell you that your LinkedIn should look like a resume (hint: they're wrong)
but you're not getting any views

You're applying for jobs or reaching out to clients on LinkedIn but nothing
Radio Silence

While you should be getting down to business, LinkedIn is holding you back

And time is money, right?

I so get you, and I can help.

It was delight to work and collaborate with Kamara. I greatly appreciated her attention to detail , and skillset. She was my “GPS” as we navigated through not only setting up a complete LinkedIn profile, but also how to utilize it.

Anwar Knight
Anwar Knight
Award-Winning News Anchor on CTV, reporter, and performer - Toronto, ON

Kamara Toffolo is a first-rate professional who is deeply knowledgable. She takes the time to know you, help you identify all of your strengths and then works with you to construct a strong portfolio and very effective LinkedIn profile.

Ryan Cook
Ryan Cook
Owner of Saw Valley Chainsaw Carvings Inc. and star of HGTV's "Carver Kings" - Britannia Beach, BC

Working with Kamara is one of the best investments I have ever made. She more than delivered what she promised--she over-delivered, and not only on time, but almost more importantly, on target. She has an uncanny ability to "get" her clients and is thus able to meet their needs--some they don't even know they have--in effective and creative ways.

Lee Gaitan
Lee Gaitan
Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker - Atlanta, USA

What an amazing experience. Kamara was professional, supportive, a wonderful listener and provided me with so much insight and knowledge. My Resume and Linked in were provided to me in a timely fashion and her follow up and attention to detail was incredible. I am very pleased with the results and know that her assistance will certainly attribute to my career success.

Trish Langston-Pineau
Trish Langston-Pineau
Vancouver Sales Manager, Premiere Suites Western Ltd. - Vancouver, BC

A HOT Headline that’s enticing people to click and read more of your profile!

A SLICK Summary that tells people exactly what you do
why you do it, and how you help people

Not another resume! LinkedIn is a living breathing profile
and needs to show you’re HUMAN!

Total Confidence in your LinkedIn profile

Strategy and focus with using LinkedIn so you don’t waste another second!

What You Won't Get

Another resume: You've got one already and LinkedIn ain't a resume
A sales page: You've got your website for that

What You're Getting Yourself Into

You and me, for a 1 to 2-hour "Career Story" call

Over phone, WhatsApp or Zoom

We'll hash out your specific goals for LinkedIn and who you want finding you there

We’ll totally re-write your profile for you

I’ll also give you a checklist of other recommended changes

2 rounds of edits to make sure we're telling your story the right way

A Second Set of Eyeballs Check by my Proofreader

A Now What?! 30-Minute LinkedIn Strategy Call

Unlimited email support for 45 days post-project

Yes, ALL that. Yes, I’m serious

So are you ready?  Next steps.....