Job Search Whoop Ass!

You have a serious case of the Mondays on Every. Single. Monday
(and maybe even Tuesdays and Wednesdays too)

You have a clear career destination, but you don’t have a map

You're stuck in your job search, and spinning your wheels

I so get you, and I can help.

Job Search Whoop-ass is for working pros ready to

level up...

change up...

and shake up their job search!

I was able regain my self-confidence and the belief that I am able move myself into a better role which more suited my skills and ambitions.

E. Phillips, Toronto, ON
E. Phillips, Toronto, ON
Financial Services Industry

Kamara has the ability to “listen you” right into a new perspective, right into a new realization, right into a new career.

J. Magrath, Halifax, NS
J. Magrath, Halifax, NS
Blueshift Coaching

Kamara has encouraged me to have trust in my own resources and work within my own value system in order to gain confidence in my goals and practices, which has proven to be successful.

S. Gorendar, Toronto, ON
S. Gorendar, Toronto, ON
Paramount Life Coaching

From a HR lens, Kamara has proven to be extremely valuable, increasing motivation, productivity and professional presence. I would highly recommend Kamara to any business seeking to develop their management talent further.

T. O’Connell, Toronto, ON
T. O’Connell, Toronto, ON

A plan of attack and action. You’ll know how to get from A to B and to X, Y and Z.

A resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile you built with your own two hands
(and my eyeballs and brain)

Feeling your ass firmly planted in the driver’s seat and hands at ten and two
Total. Control

Feeling like you got slapped with a confidence stick.
You’ll be ready to take the world and your work, by storm!

Eye-on-the-prize-laser-focus. Yeah, it’s a thing.

This Isn't For You, If...

You want me to write your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn
(I have other services for that. Check ‘em out)

You don’t know what you want
(I have talented colleagues to refer you to for that)

You’re in a rush to get a job
(rush = half-assed. This is for job seekers playing the long game)

What You’re Getting Yourself Into

You and me, hashing out your job search and your resume, cover letter or LinkedIn
1 hour, 3 hours, 5 hours, more
Choose your own adventure (but I’ll also tell you how much time you need)

We’ll meet on Zoom video conference.
Full disclosure, I’ll be wearing yoga pants. So come as you are
So are you ready kick your job search into gear?  Next steps.....