How To Feel Thankful For Your Thankless Job

“Just give me some God damned chocolates!”, I thought to myself.

No, I wasn’t PMS’ing.

Every holiday season when I was in corporate, my team and I would be forgotten by clients and management. We busted our assess all year long for them, only to receive little to no appreciation.

As we watched other departments receive gifts and go out to 5-star lunches with their clients and bosses, we stayed behind, running the company. Making sure nothing blew up while they all blew their budgets.

All I wanted was some God damned chocolates.

But really, what I wanted was appreciation. Chocolates are merely a token of that, but at least it’s something. It’s a delicious something.

I’m sure you can relate. You go above and beyond for your customers only to be forgotten at a time when showing gratitude is customary.

So how the hell do you feel thankful when you’re in a thankless job?

Be Thankful for the Paycheck

Many people don’t have a job. Some people can’t buy gifts for their kids this holiday season. If you’re able to, be grateful that you can.

Be Thankful for the Skills

What’s great about work is that no matter what you do, there is some element of skill-building that is always transferable.

Be Thankful for the Reality Check

Some of the shittiest things about work are the best learning experiences. Your terrible, ungrateful boss? She shows you exactly how you don’t want to manage others. Your unmanageable client? He shows you that your idea of a career doesn’t involve taking his shit.

Be Thankful for the People

Yes, some people at work are annoying. But some are fantastic and potential lifelong friends. Be thankful to know and be connected with them.

Be Thankful for the Reminder to Work On Your Inner Game

We never get everything we need from our bosses or clients. Recognition or appreciation be damned. So you need to work on your Inner Game – which basically means you need to dig deep, real deep, and find your own internal recognition and pride for doing your job well.

These are just a few of the reasons to be thankful for your thankless job.

So instead of moping around in the gift-less void like I did, cheer up knowing that while some of your colleagues are eating chocolate and getting to go out for nice lunches, they’ll have a higher hill to climb come New Year’s resolution time!

Kamara Toffolo

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