Confession: 6 Ways My Own Resume Sucked

It’s pretty surprising I ever got interviews.

My resume seriously sucked.

I was completely clueless. It wasn’t until I started writing resumes professionally that I came to realize just how bad it was.

First of all, I admit I was tweaking a template that I had been using since, ahem, 2000.

Secondly, the formatting probably made recruiters’ eyes bleed. Margins were off. Things weren’t aligned. Oiy.

Here are the 6 ways my own resume sucked complete with proof of how bad it was, and how I’d do it differently now that I know a thing or two.

1. I Gave Away Identity Theft Bait

I gave away all the personal info. Instead, I would remove my mailing address and only provide the City and Province.

2. I Was Self-Centered

Career Objective was on all of my resumes. Not to mention this one is particularly vague. Instead, I would write a Career Summary and brag about my skills and background, making it more about potential employers rather than my own career goals.

3. My Skills Section Severely Sucked

So much wrong. Let me count the ways. 1. I used text boxes which Applicant Tracking Systems can’t read. B. There’s a ton of fluff and BS language “Outstanding Relationship Management Skills”? What was I thinking? And 3. The formatting hurts my eyes.

I would overhaul this section completely, using columns instead of text boxes and ditch the fluff words [outstanding, very strong and excellent would be gone].

4. I Barfed Bullets All Over

Bullets, bullets everywhere! So many bullets! All the bullets!

A facelift of my Experience section would definitely be in order. Instead of all bullets, I’d write a short paragraph about my duties and then would use 2-5 bullets to highlight quantifiable accomplishments.

5. My Interests Section Was Useless

My interests section was a bit lame, and added nothing to my resume. At all.

I would remove this section completely. Unless one of my hobbies gives me direct experience related to the job I’m applying for, this part really isn’t useful.

6. I Missed the Mark with THIS Part

“References available upon request.” There was no need for me to say on my resume that references would be supplied upon request as this is totally a given if I somehow managed to snag a job offer (and that would have been tough with this resume).

Does your resume look anything like mine? Want some help? Email me your resume for a free critique and let’s get you on the path towards finding a job that you love.

Kamara Toffolo

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