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4 Stupid Work Rules to Break In 2016 To Get Ahead

Rules are stupid.

Especially at work, rules frustrate, infuriate and stagnate. Asinine and archaic rules in the workplace are pretty much a guaranteed way to drive a good employee straight out the door.

In corporate-land, it’s next to impossible to rewrite the rules. As […]

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The Cold Hard Truth of Building a Business While Working a Day Job

So you’ve decided to build a business!

Congrats! And you want to keep your day job while you’re growing? *fist bump* That’s one of the best decisions you could have made in your entrepreneurial journey. Though you’ll be strapped for […]

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Weird Signs Your Job Doesn’t Fit

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There are some weird signs your job doesn’t fit.

Before I became a coach, I had a feeling for a few years I was in the wrong job. But there weren’t any clear cut, obvious clues that this was the case. There was no […]

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