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Make Stalking Part of Your Job Search Strategy

I’m a stalker. #AintNoShameinMyGame

Who do I stalk?

Potential clients. Potential business partners. People who make me totally fangirl (Gary Vaynerchuk and Robin Sharma, I’m lookin’ at you).

Why do I stalk?

Because I want to ensure I’m as well-informed […]

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3 Vital Skills You Picked Up From Your Teenage Summer Jobs

We all remember our teenage summer jobs with great nostalgia or severe regret.

Whether you were developing your burger flipping technique at McDonald’s, perfecting the Dairy Queen ice cream cone curl, or mowing lawns with the greatest level of precision, you can thank your summer […]

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Weird Signs Your Job Doesn’t Fit

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There are some weird signs your job doesn’t fit.

Before I became a coach, I had a feeling for a few years I was in the wrong job. But there weren’t any clear cut, obvious clues that this was the case. There was no […]

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