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Grab Opportunities by the Balls

I met Seth Godin the other day. I have this #SethSelfie to prove it.

For those who aren’t on a first name or BFF basis with Seth like I am (I wish), Seth is a prolific writer and revered thought leader and entrepreneur […]

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Why I Love Rejection and You Should Too

I love rejection.

I still love a ‘yes’ more than I love a ‘no’. But if I can’t get a ‘yes’, I will happily take a ‘no’.

Seems oddly counter intuitive, I get that. After all, we are taught our whole lives that […]

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Get More Done by Thinking Less

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I get more  shit done by thinking less.

Someone asked me recently who I used as a Virtual Assistant and for help to just generally get shit done. I was a bit taken aback by this question because, well, I do everything on my […]

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