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How To Really Connect With Influential People

Connection is EVERYTHING.

How did you get your last job? Did you submit your resume blindly to a job posting, or did you get a referral from your friend that already worked for the company? How about your circle of friends? Did you randomly […]

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4 Reasons Toddlers Make Better Leaders Than Adults

I love kids.

I don’t have any of my own yet, but hope to sooner rather than later. For some reason, time keeps passing and I keep getting older.

We were able to get some good parenting training in this past month when […]

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15 Reasons to Fall In Love With LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the bomb dot com.

You know I love LinkedIn. It opens up doors and opportunities. It replaces any need to keep others’ business cards. Once you connect with people on LinkedIn, you have access to everything you need to get and stay in touch […]

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How I Keep Expectations of Others In Check

I show up for my friends.

You need help moving? I’ll bring the muscle AND the coffee. Need help planning your wedding? I’ll send you my list of recommended vendors, apps and even my planning spreadsheet. At a crossroads in your career […]

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