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9 Things I’ve Learned From Haters

I’m pissed.

As I’m writing this, I’m coming down from some harsh criticism I just received. I’ll spare you the details, but this came from a supposed “friend”. I should have seen this coming, for this “friend”, whenever she does […]

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Why Legalizing Pot is a Leadership Lesson for the Ages

Canada will soon be blazing, legally.

If you’re tuning in from somewhere other than my home and native land, we just had an election of epic proportions. The pro-pot candidate won. And as a Canadian, I look forward to when our new […]

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4 Weird Ways To Cope With a Boss You Hate

Bosses. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are really bad.

But what to do when you hate your boss? When they make your life a living hell, dictating and demanding from you. Making you pull overtime, work on the weekends, and […]

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How to use LinkedIn to find clients, recruiters, and career opportunities

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I recently appeared on Screw the Cubicle TV!

I had such a great time jamming with my friend Lydia Lee of Screw The Cubicle! We chatted about all things LinkedIn and how you can use it to find people – clients, recruiters and employers – as well as […]

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