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3 Vital Skills You Picked Up From Your Teenage Summer Jobs

We all remember our teenage summer jobs with great nostalgia or severe regret.

Whether you were developing your burger flipping technique at McDonald’s, perfecting the Dairy Queen ice cream cone curl, or mowing lawns with the greatest level of precision, you can thank your summer […]

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Graduates, Don’t Rush

Graduates, don’t rush. You don’t have to have it all figured out.

I don’t know who told you that you had to, but they are wrong. In fact, the people who told you this don’t have it all figured out […]

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I’m on a Podcast!: Mo’ Money Mo’ Progress

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I’m on a Podcast!

And it’s available for free download on iTunes!

I had the most wonderful opportunity to talk to Gwen Elliot of the Mo’ Money Mo’ Progress Sisterpack! We chatted about all things money including indulgences, what money really means to me […]

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How I Keep Expectations of Others In Check

I show up for my friends.

You need help moving? I’ll bring the muscle AND the coffee. Need help planning your wedding? I’ll send you my list of recommended vendors, apps and even my planning spreadsheet. At a crossroads in your career […]

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