Should I Use a Graphically Designed Resume?

Should I Use a Graphically Designed Resume?

Should I Use a Graphically Designed Resume?

This video gets into the reasons why you should NOT use a graphically designed resume, nor an infographic resume.

I’m sure you all remember the fake Marissa Mayer (former Yahoo CEO) resume that went viral not too long ago. If you don’t remember, here’s what it looked like:

So pretty right? And because it went so viral, everyone and their mother were trying to emulate it.

But to me as a resume writer, it makes my eyes bleed.


1. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) HATE It

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or the ‘bots that recruiters and hiring managers send your resume through to see if you check all the boxes, choke on graphically designed resumes. They just can’t handle them.

2. Baffle Them with Bullshit Factor

It has a “Baffle them with Bullshit” feel. When you use excessive imagery, graphs, and charts, recruiters will wonder what you’re trying to hide, and not saying in words.

3. The Words are EVERYTHING

Finally, when it comes to resumes, content is KING! The words and language you use are what build a compelling story, and provide a peek behind the curtain as to why YOU are the right fit for an open position.

What burning resume, LinkedIn, or job search questions do you have? Comment below with what has you scratching your head, and I’ll answer it in an upcoming video!

[Photo Credit: Business Insider]