69 Reasons Sarah Vermunt's Book Will Give You A Careergasm

69 Reasons Sarah Vermunt’s Book Will Give You A Careergasm

Reading “Careergasm: Find Your Way to Feel Good Work” is like a a warm hug and a kick in the ass.

Sarah personally sent me an advanced copy of her masterpiece, and I devoured every last word. It’s exactly what everyone who has ever been stuck, confused, or downright unfulfilled, in their career needs in their life.

If you’re ready for a career that makes your toes curl, this book’s for you.

Here are 69 reasons that Sarah Vermunt’s book will give YOU a Careergasm:

1. Real world advice that’ll help you like Mondays again. #feelgoodwork

2. …and Tuesday through Friday too #TGIeveryday

3. Short, punchy chapters. #feelingaccomplished

4. A big ole’ [mason] jar o’ sass. #heygirlhey

5. Permission to embrace your inner toddler (spoiler alert: they’ll give you more career clarity than you realize). #koolaidgrin

6. “If you loved it when you were 8, chances are there’s something you love about it still”. #quotestoliveby

7. Authorization to lean into your obsessions to reveal clues about your passions. #loveyourwork

8. Oh, my shitty job(s) of yester years can offer clues too? #whenlifegivesyoulemons

9. Page 33. I’ll just leave that right there. #greeneyedmonster

10. And page 34. Did she just call us out on being full of shit? Yup. #authenticity

11. A reminder that the right workspace can, well, work wonders. #prettythings

12. Newsflash: Cosmo surveys and Myers Briggs can’t tell you what work will make you HAPPY. #realtalk

13. Breakfast Club reference. #the80s

14. “Passion begins as curiosity”. #wisewords

15. Pointing out our need for certainty is keeping us stuck. #elephantintheroom

16. Consistently being outed on our bullshit stories, excuses and ways we get in our own way. #checkyoself

17. Note to selves: Our bodies know what’s up. #listenup

18. It might be the final ass-kick you need to take your side hustle full-time #alldayeveryday

19. …or take that amazeballs opportunity across the country #allin

20. Advice about advice, and that we should be careful who we listen to. #doyou

21. Tips for facing our fears that actually WORK. #befriendthedragon

22. “Success and happiness are two different things, and one doesn’t necessarily lead to the other”. #dontgetittwisted

23. Why-didn’t-I-think-of-that rationale that thinking about worst case scenarios can actually make things better #makessense

24. “Because nobody fucks with Oprah”. #micdrop

25. Loving permission to stop apologizing for doing WHATEVER it takes #cantstopwontstop

26. Knowing there’s someone else out there that totally gets what it’s like when family and friends don’t support your career changes #inthistogether

27. Lady lumps. #mymilkshake

28. “Somethings like breast symmetry just don’t matter when you’re getting shit done” #lolz

29. to 34. My cat liked it #bartapproved

35. It pairs well with boxed wine and overpriced, over-narrated lattes #getyodrinkon

36. …and yoga pants #fancy

37. …and All-Dressed chips #getinmybelly

38. The author is Canadian #justsayin

39. …who quit a job harder than you ever have (93-pages-into-her-PhD.-dissertation hard) #ballsy

40. to 46. Shit. #yas

47. to 53. Fuck. #yasss

54. to 62. Ample use of the suffix “-ass” #yassssss

63. and 64. A cornucopia of food analogies #nomnomnom

65. Careergasm is on Kindle #savethetrees

66. When you’re done, you can still haunt Sarah’s blog. #yourewelcome

67. …or stalk Sarah on Inc.com #stalker

68. …or Entrepreneur #fangirl

69. …and take her free Careergasm Crash Course. #signmeup