Don't Bother Selling to People That Aren't Buying

Don’t Bother Selling to People That Aren’t Buying

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Don’t bother selling to people that aren’t buying.

This is something I realized awhile back when I received my first real dose of hater behavior. The person that was shoving her negativity down my throat would never be a client, and I knew it. So should I care what she thought? Hell. No. So I didn’t.

I thought I was fully convinced and practicing what I preach. Until this week when I had a request from a potential client to do a large LinkedIn project on a rush basis. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. This would have meant significant revenue just in time for Christmas. I was having visions of buying a fresh Turkey instead of frozen, the expensive wine, and maybe some Godiva chocolate instead of Bulk Barn. Oh, this was gonna be good!

But then I received an email from the client asking why my rate was so much higher than their referral had received several months prior and how I felt I could justify it. She tried to blow holes in my pricing, and ultimately my ego, even when I had already offered a discount for the size of the project.

I was perplexed, panicky, PISSED.

My knee-jerk reaction was to defend my service, expertise and credibility. But something didn’t feel right about this.

I took to Facebook and reached out to my entrepreneur friends, the ones who I knew would know how to bring me down from my, let’s say, emotional state (read: losing my fucking mind).

They brought me back down to earth reminding me that I was letting my ego get in the way (yup), that I set my prices and need not justify them (thanks!), that even if I did business with this client, that it would likely be a negative experience (good call), and that I should double my price (HA!).

The fact was, I was trying to sell to someone that wasn’t really buying.

They didn’t value my service. If they did, we wouldn’t have been in a nickel and dime situation. Spending my time trying to convince them I was worth the money would be a losing battle.

The same is true for work.

If you get a job offer, and ask for more money, but the employer doesn’t budge? They don’t value you.
If you ask for a raise, but your boss won’t even entertain the idea? They don’t value you.
If you ask for a promotion, but your manager keeps putting off the conversation? They don’t value you.
If you ask for feedback from your leader, but they don’t give it to you? They don’t value you.

If they don’t value you, you need to decide if you want to bother.

Is it worth the energy convincing someone you are worthy of what you are SO worthy of if they are too fucking blind to see it?

I know what my answer would be.

Needless to say, I’m now stuck with the frozen turkey, boxed wine, and the cheap chocolate that starts turning white.

But I’m free of the headache and the heartache of trying to convince someone I’m worth my price when I know I’m worth every single fucking penny.

And so are you.

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