12 Slang Words To Leave Behind in 2015

12 Slang Words To Leave Behind in 2015


Saying what you mean is hard.

Especially when you feel pressured to use words that add absolutely no value, but seem to have somehow wiggled their way into our daily vernacular.

Yeah, we’re talking buzzwords, catch phrases and straight up slang.

You may think your communication skills are on fleek when you pronounce LOLZ as a word – as opposed to just, say, laughing like a normal person when something is funny – but people find you confusing.

So as we raise our glasses to ring in a new year filled with hope and prosperity, let’s also bring the hammer down on some of the really awful words we’ve managed to pick up along the way.

Here are 12 Slang Words To Leave Behind in 2015.

1. Bae

Nothing says “I’m-so lazy-I-can’t-even-pronounce-a-full-word” like this word does. We’re dropping whole halves of words here, people. What is this world coming to?

2. Turnt/Turn Up/Turn Down/Turnover (oh wait, I like turnovers)

Just no more of this please. No more. Turnovers can stay though. Especially apple ones.

3. Netflix and Chill

This term is so felonious I can’t even.

4. I Can’t Even

Yes, I just used it. Yes, it’s half a sentence. Yes, I’m way too old to be saying this. No, I shouldn’t ever use it again.

5. AF

Here’s that laziness again. IMHO, if you’re going to swear, swear. Don’t use an acronym. WTF?

6. On Fleek

Yeah, no clue what this means but I think it’s positive. Sounds like flick to me though, and there’s nothing good about that.

7. Doe

Doe, a deer, a female deer? No, another lazy attempt at pronouncing a perfectly good word.

8. Literally

A word that is incorrectly used so frequently that the dictionary definition was changed to accommodate misuse by the masses. Literally, changed.

9. Hashtag (the word not #)

Remember the time when we used to speak in full sentences? You don’t need to punctuate your sentences with the word hashtag when you’re trying to be descriptive or funny. #useyourwords

10. Goals

Often preceded by the word hashtag and another word. #relationshipgoals. Sometimes even used on its own as a full sentence. Our real goal should be to eliminate the misuse of this word, for good. #englishgoals.

11. Yas/Yassssssss/Yaaaasssss

I’m guilty of using this word myself, pretty much every day. But I’ll do my part and stop using it in the hopes that it will inspire others to stop using words like all of the above, and…

12. Dead

The best use is “Literally, dead”. Oh are you now? You’re literally dead? Well, you’ve just proven that speaking posthumously is a real thing. Congratulations!

Which words do you think we need to stop using in 2016?

Thank you everyone for reading The Blog this year in 2015. I look forward to continuing to help you punch Monday’s in the face in 2016.






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