5 Things You Need to Remove From Your LinkedIn NOW

5 Things You Need to Remove From Your LinkedIn NOW

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Homer Facepalm

LinkedIn is a social media Frankenstein.

It seems to take some cues from Facebook, Twitter and some of the other major Social Media players, adding some of the features that they have, in a LinkedIny kind of way.

It allows you to display useful stuff about yourself: What you do, How you do it, and Why you do it.

But then it allows you to show some really useless stuff. Like, WTF, this is totally useless, kind of stuff.

It may sound like I’m shitting on LinkedIn, but I’m really not. I love LinkedIn almost as much as I love my husband. So a whole, freakin’, lot.

But just like a husband screws up by throwing your dress pants into the dryer – shrinking them so that when you wear them you reveal far too much (if you know what I mean) – LinkedIn allows you to display too much info.

So here are the 5 things you need to remove from your LinkedIn, NOW!

1. Your Birthday

Found in the Personal Details section (which should have never existed in the first place). For anyone who values privacy, just get rid of this. As nice as it might be to have some random recruiter you forgot you connected with wish you a ‘happy b-day’, this type of exchange is better kept on Facebook, or even better, face-to-face.

2. Your Marital Status

LinkedIn is not immune to having some creeps in their user base. Don’t give weirdos any extra reason to hit on you because they see that you’re single. Or worse, maybe they’re the Ashely Madison variety, and seeing that you’re married really turns their crank. There’s no place that type of behaviour is more inappropriate than on LinkedIn. Well, actually, yeah, the workplace would be worse.

3. Your Graduation Dates

Ageism is a very real thing. You’re too young. You’re too old. And people do math on LinkedIn. It’s very easy to see when you graduated and make an educated guess of how old you are. Yes, these people have too much time on their hands, but this kind of shit happens all the time. Do what you can to prevent this evil math by removing the graduation dates from your Education section. The only important part is that you graduated. It doesn’t matter that it was 1962 or 2012.

4. Your High School

Though it’s not LinkedIn’s fault if you included this in your Education, it is still worth mentioning. If you’ve made it this far in life, the fact that you graduated High School is now irrelevant. So make like a prom dress and take it off (yeah, this pun only half worked. I’m sorry).

5. Your Summer Jobs

Again, not blaming LinkedIn for this one. Potential employers don’t need to know that you worked three summers in a row slinging burgers with your buddy Brandon down at the Peach Pit. Especially if your summer employer is now defunct (this takes us back to the evil math of #3). If you’re looking for a job in any field that isn’t what you did as a teenager, which is probably the case, make the summer jobs a distant memory.

Once you rid your LinkedIn profile of these unnecessary details, you’ll be ready to really start leveraging it’s power.

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