9 Things I've Learned From Haters

9 Things I’ve Learned From Haters


I’m pissed.

As I’m writing this, I’m coming down from some harsh criticism I just received. I’ll spare you the details, but this came from a supposed “friend”. I should have seen this coming, for this “friend”, whenever she does comment on the content I share, she writes it in such a way that her feedback is an attempt to school me, so is blatantly condescending, and tries to imply that I lack intelligence or integrity, which is mildly humorous because I am confident enough in myself to know that I have both of those qualities.

Despite my confidence, I didn’t take the criticism well, and didn’t deal with it the way I would have liked. I responded to her (mistake #1), actually engaged in conversation about it, with a good dose of sarcasm from me (mistake #2), blocked her (mistake #3 – as I should have done this long ago), and worst of all, let not only the criticism but my reaction to it eat me up in side for, well, we are going on a full day now (mistake #4 and #5).

So yeah. I screwed up here. But with each critic and hater, I’m learning. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1) A non-response is often the best response.

2) I’m going to feel hurt and I’m going to need to feel the hurt. It’s part of the process.

3) I need to be proactive about minimizing contact with haters and minimizing their access to me.

4) Haters are sad, lost, children that feel the need to level the playing field by bringing me down.

5) I should be flattered by the amount of time and energy my haters put towards putting their “hateration” on me.

6) I should always be mindful of the good I’m putting into the world, and that it more than offsets all the criticism I should ever receive.

7) I need to keep on keeping on.

8) This is only the beginning.

But the greatest lesson I’ve learned is: 9) Don’t bother selling to people that will never buy.

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Meaning, don’t ever adjust your way of being or doing to make up for the criticism you’re receiving. Your haters will never be your clients. Your haters will never be your fans. To try and get them to join your team will be like climbing Mt. Everest.

Don’t bother. Save your energy and invest it in the good you are bringing into this world.

Because haters gon’ hate.

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