4 Weird Ways To Cope With a Boss You Hate

4 Weird Ways To Cope With a Boss You Hate


Bosses. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are really bad.

But what to do when you hate your boss? When they make your life a living hell, dictating and demanding from you. Making you pull overtime, work on the weekends, and interrupting your time with your family? Or perhaps they are completely inept and a even a child could do a better job leading the team than your boss does.

It’s not you, it’s them.

You are not crazy for thinking your boss is a jerk. He probably is.

You are not losing your mind for thinking that your boss is a power-hungry maniac. She probably is.

The unfortunate news is there’s no changing them. It’s not like you can ask your boss to be nicer, or kinder, or more understanding that you needed to leave 20 minutes ago to make it to your kid’s soccer game.

I don’t need to tell you to be professional, respectful and diplomatic with your shitty boss. You’re already doing that. What I can tell you are a few unorthodox things you can do for yourself that will help ease the daily pain.

Here are 4 weird ways to cope with a boss you hate.

1. Don’t Poke the Bear

When your boss is being a real jerk, it can be oh-so-tempting to fantasize of ways to passive-aggressively get under their skin in return. When your boss is in a mood, it’s best to just avoid them. Don’t ask for vacation time to be approved, don’t bring them a problem you can probably fix yourself. Just stay away. Don’t poke that bear, it bites.

2. Pity the Fool

Is your boss a work martyr? Is their life all about work, and only about work? Maybe they only get their sense of self-worth and self-value in their work, and not in their personal life with their family. That’s pretty sad, isn’t it? Pity them. If you start to see them as someone who leads a lonely and sad existence, you’ll start to see their behaviour less as just being jerky, and more as coming from a place of hurt. And that just makes it a bit easier to deal with.

3. Take Nothing They Say at Face Value

Here’s the rub: Your bad boss is more concerned about their own career than yours. They see you and your peers as part of a necessary evil to climbing the ranks. Have you ever heard your boss say managing people is like babysitting? Yeah. That speaks volumes about how much they care about people other than themselves.

So when they say they want to help you grow in your career, thank them and nod knowing full well this is probably an empty promise. Instead, take your own career into your OWN hands and find a mentor that you don’t report to.

4. Play Their Game

If your boss has a penchant for complaining about clients, lend them your ear. As distasteful as it is, if your boss loves to gossip and gab, listen (but never partake). If they love to show you pictures of their kids/dogs/cats, ask to see them. It may be annoying, it may feel contrived, but this will help you gain more trust from your boss, and they might start to take it a bit easier on you.

Let’s face it. Your boss is never going to change their ways, so don’t waste time and energy trying to make that happen. But trying these strategies will make dealing with them a little easier.

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