How To NOT Be That Annoying Person at the Office

How To NOT Be That Annoying Person at the Office

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You spend a lot of time at work.

You probably see your coworkers more than you see your spouse or kids. And you don’t really have any choice in the matter. Well, you could quit, or start your own business, but for the rest of us who like to be employed, those aren’t the best options. And unfortunately no matter how irritated you get with your coworkers, there’s really no way to escape them.

Though you can’t really control how your coworkers behave day-to-day, at least you can lead by example.

Here’s how to NOT be that annoying person in the office.

Don’t tell everyone what diet you’re on: Low-carb, no-carb, Paleo, low glycemic-index, gluten-free, dairy-free, FOOD-free! Just because you are restricting what you eat doesn’t mean that you have higher morals. No one cares to hear what diet you’re on.

Don’t walk into cubicles or offices uninvited: Your coworkers cubes and offices are like their own mini-sanctuaries away from the rest of the chaos. Don’t just walk in uninvited. That is THEIR space, not yours. What’s worse, never, ever stand in someone’s cubicle to talk to the person on the other side of the wall. This happened to me so much in my last corporate job. The culprits may even be reading this article right now. Yeah, that was annoying. Now you know.

Don’t do bathroom stuff in the office: We’ve all had coworkers that partake in weird personal grooming rituals out in the open in the office. Clipping fingernails, clipping toenails, shaving. There’s a time and a place and that time and place is not during working hours and NOT at work. Keep personal grooming exclusively in the bathroom before you take someone’s eye out with a rogue nail clipping.

Don’t treat the office kitchen like your frat house: It’s because of this type of behavior that signs that say “Clean up after yourself. Your Mom doesn’t work here” exist. There’s nothing worse than walking into the office kitchen to get a cup of coffee early in the morning only to find ALL the mugs dirty in the sink.

Don’t withhold important information from coworkers: Secrets made you seem “cool” in grade two, but now if you withhold important information from coworkers, you look like a jerk. There’s no good reason to keep information from your coworkers, in fact it will be seen as an obstacle getting in the way of getting work done.

Don’t be Bitchy McBitcherson: Boo hoo. Life is so hard. Stop your whining. Stop your bitching. Your coworkers all have their own problems, their own shit, don’t weigh them down with yours too.

Don’t give unsolicited advice: We all made it to adulthood. You do not “do life” better than the person to the right of you nor the left. I really don’t need you telling me that I should have kids, and soon. That’s none of your damn business. If I’m talking to one coworker about how amazeballs Orange Is The New Black is, I do not need you telling me that House of Cards was WAAAAYYYY better Netflix programming and far more intelligent. If you’re passing by my cube and see me devouring a burrito, I do not need you commenting on how all the carbs are bad for me. Get bent. And let me binge watch and binge eat in peace.

Don’t ignore email etiquette: Read the full email conversation. Not just the most recent email of “OK” and then act all confused. Don’t NOT include the email history when replying to an email. Don’t use all CAPS in email, well, ever. Don’t use Comic Sans font and wonder why people aren’t taking you seriously anymore.

There are several other ways to NOT be that annoying person. What annoys you at the office?

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