15 Reasons to Fall In Love With LinkedIn

15 Reasons to Fall In Love With LinkedIn

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15 Reasons to Fall In Love With LinkedInLinkedIn is the bomb dot com.
You know I love LinkedIn. It opens up doors and opportunities. It replaces any need to keep others’ business cards. Once you connect with people on LinkedIn, you have access to everything you need to get and stay in touch.


Many people think LinkedIn is just an online resume. But it is SO much more than that. It is a source of support, community and engagement that none of the other social media platforms can offer.


Here are 15 reasons to fall in love with LinkedIn.


1. It’s easy to use: LinkedIn is a stripped down social media. It has simple and basic features, without the numerous third party applications like Facebook, and without the newsfeed noise like Twitter.


2. It doesn’t get personal: Without posting personal information, LinkedIn poses much lower risk than Facebook. No chance of your boss or a recruiter seeing your drunken weekend debauchery.


3. It’s a place to get noticed for all the right reasons: Getting noticed for your work and business accomplishments rather than posting pictures of cats. WIN!


4. It’s not a time suck: Unless you like to spend countless hours reading articles or keeping on top of every career move anyone in your network made, ever, you won’t waste time on LinkedIn. Scrolling through your LinkedIn newsfeed won’t be as distracting, nor appealing, as Facebook.


5. It gives you tailored posts through your Pulse feed: LinkedIn knows what you like, so it gives you posts tailored to your interests.


6. It gives you inspiration and motivation: You can follow the quality content that influencers such as Sir Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, James Altucher and Adrianna Huffington post.


7. It’s a way to network without the booze (well, unless you like to drink at your desk. Don’t look at me!): LinkedIn doesn’t replace face-to-face relationship building, but it’s the next best thing.


8. It’s LOVED by Google: Google seems to love LinkedIn, which means it is easier to be found if you have LinkedIn profile. To see what I mean, if you have LinkedIn account, Google your name. You’ll notice that one of the top search results is the link to your LinkedIn profile. Where’s Facebook?  I rest my case.


9. It replaces the need for a Rolodex (do people use these anymore?) or pile of business cards: LinkedIn is your one-stop-shop. Even better, if you don’t have someone’s contact info, you can usually find them on LinkedIn.


10. It’s your blog without a blog: Want a blog but don’t know where to start? Look no further than LinkedIn. Everyone has the “Publisher” tool which was rolled out awhile back. Get your feet wet using this and writing about things that you’re expert in.


11. It’s a free place to exhibit your work: You can add all sorts of media to your profile so that you can show off your best work.


12. It can get you in front of influential eyeballs: There are some big names on LinkedIn. By being there, and being active, you can get seen by some very important people. Also, if you try to connect with someone you admire, they would take your request much more seriously on LinkedIn than on any other social media.


13. It’s the quintessential way to establish your personal brand: Branding is HUGE and vital for the success of your career or business. With all the goodies you can highlight in LinkedIn – skills, endorsements, recommendations, achievements, publications and more – LinkedIn is your one-stop personal branding shop.


14. It’s not a popularity contest: Users pay far lesson attention to the attention all the other people are getting on LinkedIn. Users share and like quality content, it’s as simple as that.

15. It’s not Facebook


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