Are You Getting Work Wake-Up Calls?

Are You Getting Work Wake-Up Calls?

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Sometimes the universe gives us loving prods in the behind that it’s time to make a change with our work situation.

A dip in motivation, a series of mistakes, a tiff with the boss. These are all fairly minor so easy to overlook and pass off with a “shit happens” type of attitude.

Then there are the ass kicks from the universe. The loud and clear “wake the hell up already!” messages that we must pay attention to. The signals that something really ain’t right with our current work situation and we better move it or lose it and when I say it I mean our minds.

In a previous post I talked about some weird signs your job doesn’t fit. Well this is the post with the signs are obvious, and in your face, demanding, urging and begging you to change your job. Here are some work wake-up calls to be on the look out for.

Your physical health has declined

It is not OK for work stress to impede your health, physically nor mentally.

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If you’re having anxiety attacks, something is seriously wrong.

If you are having frequent trouble sleeping (not the odd “oh-shit-I-forgot-to-send-that-email-wake-up-suddenly-in-the-middle-of-the-night difficulty sleeping), something is seriously wrong.

Even if work has caused you to gain a significant amount of weight (mine did), something is seriously wrong.

Listen to your body. Honour your body. It’s screaming at you for change.

Your efforts continually go unnoticed

If you are passed over for multiple promotions that you’ve applied for and you’ve earned, something’s gotta give.

If you are only receiving negative feedback and criticism from management, well they are a bunch of jerks AND something’s gotta give.

If you’re giving your work your all and it’s giving you nothing back in return but a pay check and a headache, it’s time for a change.

Your job hasn’t changed in years

If you’ve been in the same role for a few years with no significant changes in responsibility, something needs to shift.

If you can do you job with your eyes closed or drunk or both, something needs to shift.

Work should be challenging and stimulating not monotonous and mind-numbing. Time to rethink your current job.

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Your boss isn’t someone you can respect

A good boss is someone that we can look towards to be guided, encouraged, heard, and lead.

If you can’t trust your boss to have your back and go to bat for you internally and with clients, you’ve got the wrong boss.

If your boss doesn’t communicate openly with you by listening to your concerns, and giving you timely feedback,you’ve got the wrong boss.

You can’t do anything to change your boss’ behaviour, but you can change your scenery. Finding new work may be just the ticket for you.

Are you getting work wake-up calls? Know it’s time to leave your current job but not really sure where to go? Give me a call, and let’s chat. I’ll help you figure it out.

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