Weird Signs Your Job Doesn't Fit

Weird Signs Your Job Doesn’t Fit

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weird signs your job doesn't fit

There are some weird signs your job doesn’t fit.

Before I became a coach, I had a feeling for a few years I was in the wrong job. But there weren’t any clear cut, obvious clues that this was the case. There was no billboard telling me “hey, that job you’re in isn’t the one for you”. It was actually a culmination of icky feelings when it came to my job that made me realize it wasn’t sitting well with me. And this started me down the path to figuring out what I really wanted to be when I grew up. I really could have used my own career coach back then!

Here are the icky feeling signs that you’re in the wrong job.

You feel the need to take mental health days frequently

Most jobs are stressful. I know my work was. Sometimes that leads you to needing the odd mental health day. But when you find yourself waking up on a work day and thinking “I can’t do this. I just can’t do this”, it’s probably not the stress of the job itself, it’s the stress of the job being the wrong fit for you.

Most things at work annoy you

I’m all for fighting the man. I hate bureaucratic bullshit. Battling inefficiencies, immoralalities and unethical behaviour are fights worth having. But when you find yourself annoyed by everything at work, something is wrong. You’re annoyed by the hours, you’re annoyed by the clients, you’re annoyed by your coworkers, hell, you’re even annoyed by the shitty coffee. Your environment and therefore your job, doesn’t fit you.

You don’t recognize your work self

I was a bitch in my corporate life. I had built up defensive walls and didn’t take shit from anyone. Sometimes people referred to me as a pit bull. Some even said they were afraid of me. THIS WASN’T ME. I had become someone else at work simply to make it through the day. Then when I walked out those office doors, I was my normal kind, caring and compassionate self. If you’ve become someone else at work, a person you may not recognize, your job isn’t the right fit for you.

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You feel like you’re betraying your soul

This is s tough one to explain but I’m going to try. It’s a nagging feeling of being pulled to do something else or being pulled away from your current work. It could even manifest as a physical feeling. For me it did. It was something I felt in my chest every morning. Almost like my heart ached because I was spending my time doing something that ultimately betrayed my purpose. It was a heavy and dark feeling. If you have something similar, it is probably because your job doesn’t fit you.

Have you noticed yourself having any of these same feelings?  Or maybe you already know you’re in the wrong job but not sure where to go from here?  Give me a call, and let’s chat.  I’ll help you figure it out.

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