Get More Done by Thinking Less

Get More Done by Thinking Less

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I get more  shit done by thinking less.

Someone asked me recently who I used as a Virtual Assistant and for help to just generally get shit done. I was a bit taken aback by this question because, well, I do everything on my own. I don’t have a virtual assistant and I don’t have a team. What I have is me, myself, and I. Web design, copy, graphics, social media, writing and then not to mention the bread and butter of my business, coaching, is all done by yours truly.

I’m definitely not against getting help. In fact, I am all for it. But I’m bootstrappin’ over here. I’m trying to keep my costs low as a build my revenue streams, so if I can do it on my own, I’m going to. Where I have invested, however, is in business coaching and that has been integral to my motivation levels, momentum and ultimately my success.

So how do I get all the things done? I must confess that I wasn’t always good at getting things done. I would often get extremely overwhelmed, working a 9-5, then coaching or going to school in the evenings and just generally running my biz at that time and on the weekends. This overwhelm would lead to paralysis. Then I saw a movie. A really baaaad moving called “The Single Mom’s Club”. Despite being a craptastic film, I learned a great lesson from it. One mom asked another how she was able to function and get everything done in a day without going severely cray. And the efficient mom said something to the effect of “Don’t think, just do”. So don’t think about your to do lists, just do the to do’s. Don’t ruminate over the pick ups from school, the laundry, the demanding boss, the blogging the social media. Just. Do. It.

I adopted this philosophy and it paid off. Along the way, I’ve found that in the thinking-less approach, there are a few key must-haves to keep your productivity high, and your panic, low.

Go mobile baby

You know those people who criticize this digital-age and make you feel guilty for using your smartphone constantly? Yeah, well I graciously invite them to take a hike. There is no greater tool to help you get shit done, than your mobile device.[Tweet “There is no greater tool to help you get shit done, than your mobile device. “] As someone who runs a business, I literally, and I’m using literally because I literally mean literally, CANNOT be without my phone. It is my portal to instant contact with my clients, and in a business that is based on relationships, I need to be connected. Not only that, but it gives me the ability to engage on social media in real time, as well as write a blog post like this one when the inspiration strikes while, say, I’m going to the bathroom (I use Evernote to write my drafts). [Tweet “Being mobile gives you the ability to do quick hit stuff for work and not think about how you might go ahead and do that. “]Reliable accessibility, less think.[Tweet “Reliable accessibility, less think.”]

Set a routine for boring shit

As much as I sing the praises of social media, I also don’t always like it and sometimes find it a bit boring. So I’ve set up a routine for myself. I post to social media generally two times a day: once in the morning and once at night. During the morning posts, I also use Hootsuite to queue up my shares of others’ content. And on Mondays specifically, I use Buffer to queue up my big content shares for the week. So my social media routine looks much like this: Coffee. Social Media. Then at night: Brush teeth. Social Media. You can do this with anything really. Friday night glass of wine. Laundry. Wednesday morning workout. Banking.¬†[Tweet “More routine, less think.”]

Double up when you can

I will never do laundry and just do laundry. I will never do dishes and just do dishes. All non-brainpower tasks are paired with something that is intellectually stimulating. So when I do the dishes, I listen to a podcast. When I do the laundry, well, I put the laundry in and then do the dishes and listen to a podcast (that’s a threefer! Solid). There’s never enough time is there? So when you can, double-up on tasks. More multi-tasking, less think.[Tweet “More multi-tasking, less think.”]

Sometimes we really get in our own way by complicating things that really don’t need to be complicated. Go easy on yourself. Aim for action, not perfection. It’s remarkable how much you can get done when you stop thinking about all the things that you have to get done.[Tweet “It’s remarkable how much you can get done when you stop thinking about all the things that you have to get done.”]

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