Are you tired of doing work "their" way?

Hey! I'm Kamara!

I'm a Resume Writer, LinkedIn Consultant, and Job Search Strategist who helps established professionals DARE to do work differently and land great-fitting gigs!

Have you always played by the rules, but it hasn’t gotten you anywhere?
Are you still paying your dues waiting for somebody to notice?
Have you taken career advice from EVERYBODY and their cat,
but you're still spinning your wheels?
Are you dying for a career change but don't know which steps to take first?
I’ve been there. I get you. I can help.

You could be a bold and brazen professional ready to shake things up and make a BIG career change. A go-getting manager primed to score a well-deserved promotion. Or a high-impact executive strategizing your next career transition.

Working with Kamara was an incredible experience! Through asking insightful and thought-provoking questions on our call, she was able to uncover so many things I've accomplished in my career that I wouldn't have thought to include on my resume.

Patricia Quintero
Patricia Quintero
Digital Marketing Director, Creatink - Toronto, ON

Kamara helped me identify and organize my previous skills to not only meet accepted industry standards, but to stand out from the crowd. Kamara took my mediocre resume, bio and Linkedin profile and turned them into a polished marketing tool for maximum effect.

Brent Bergeron
Brent Bergeron
Radicalization and Terrorism Awareness Expert - Hamilton, ON

She genuinely wants to see her clients find great jobs, and goes above and beyond to provide all the tools they need to make their job-searching journeys a positive (or at least less painful!) experience.

Dawn Preston
Dawn Preston
Medical & Clinical Sales Leader - Boston Area, USA

It was delight to work and collaborate with Kamara. I greatly appreciated her attention to detail , and skillset. She was my “GPS” as we navigated through not only setting up a complete LinkedIn profile, but also how to utilize it.

Anwar Knight
Anwar Knight
Award-Winning News Anchor on CTV, reporter, and performer - Toronto, ON

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